homebuyer's specifications

what are the criteria for your next home?

It is always helpful to determine the specifics of the home or property you are looking to buy. Doing this before you embark on your homebuying journey can save you a lot of time and make the home buying process more efficient.

Determining your wants and needs in a house, townhouse, condo or investment property is something that is worth spending some time on, before beginning your buying journey. Consider what features are most important to you in the type of home you would like to buy and what location/s appeal to you. Analyzing this information in the context of your purchase price budget will help narrow your search and scope. In turn, this will make the homebuying process more manageable.

Answering the questions on the checklist below will assist you in making the homebuying process more efficient and easier. 

Click on this link for a downloadable pdf of the criteria checklist shown below.